udacity Introduction to statistics

udacity logoI was asked to post a few comments about the Udacity course I recently enrolled on. I decided to try the Introduction to Statistics course as a bit of a refresher. I have studied statistics in the past but thought I needed to revise a little as it had been quite a few years.

Udacity use a combination of short video tutorials, quizzes and forums, and there’s a forum. I stuck to the videos and quizes. I did post a few questions and answers on the forum. The course was great, the tutors voice (you don’t really see him) was full of energy and encouraged you to listen and move through the course.

What did I get from the course?

A good revision in statistics using some interesting topics.
An understanding of the difference between a casual relationship and correlation. During the course we were asked to post examples where the two are confused; generally to imply a shocking relationship.

Understanding statistics does help in my job. I might need to find some statistical value regarding the suitability of a web server to handle a number of requests based on some tests I have carried out.

I’m intending to enroll on a few more courses too.